CAM Designers Secures over $50,000 in Year One

Cover Art Market (CAM) trumpets Graphic Designers earned over $50,000 on the CAM platform in its first year of operations. 

FREMONT, CA: Cover Art Market (CAM) announces Graphic Designers earned over $50,000 on the CAM platform in its first year of operations. Cover Art Market has been a significant experience from the start. The CAM team is fantastic to work with. The covers get promoted, sold, and get paid quickly with no issues.

One of the aims of CAM is to offer Graphic Designers of all levels the option to design, create, market, reliably get paid, and build their skills. The company is thrilled that Graphic Designers worldwide are earning real money with no hassles consistently in its first year of operation. Now that the company has proved the concept/market and as elated as it is about year one’s results, it is more excited about what it has planned this year to take the platform to a higher level.

Cover Art Market is transforming how album covers are purchased by offering a platform to purchase and sell cover art that provides transparency in artwork, price, and delivery. CAM offers Graphic Designers direct access to world-wide demand from recording artists searching for cover art, avoiding the time and effort of marketing, proposing, and gathering. Apply to begin selling the cover designs today

CAM’s mission is to make Cover Art easy and affordable. CAM is a platform to purchase and sell album cover art. It offers pre-made and custom design covers by Graphic Designers for Recording Artists of all levels. CAM covers meet the particularities and are ready for publishing on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Pandora, Deezer, Tidal, and others, and provided within 48 hours. 

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