OpenStack Basics – An overview for the Absolute Beginner

Not sure if Openstack hypervisor needs further introduction. It is being massively adopted by many different types of Organizations. For internal and for external presence. Also for private and for public clouds. And not to forget the many hybrids initiatives.

This video is intended for the uninitiated, OpenStack’s role in cloud infrastructure can be a little hard to understand unless you know it’s capabilities and how it operates. Furthermore, if someone is new to infrastructure-as-a-service, OpenStack looks a lot like virtualization or simply like public cloud offerings. In this session, we will start at the very beginning and walk our way through early services. These services like Nova and Swift provide VMs and storage and were the building blocks for every project today.

I believe that it will help all newcomers to know Openstack and why it is the third-largest open-source community group. I hope that it will also contribute to finding why it has become a serious challenger for the established cloud hypervisors.


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